My favorite comics


My friend asks me to recommend English translated Japanese comics. So I listed up.

今日のリンクも、全部。USから買う人は、 で検索しなおしてね。全部、Amazon.comで売ってるのを確認してあります。Wikipediaに出ているものばかりだから、Wikipediaで詳細を見るのもいいかも。

Today’s web link is connecting with (JAPAN amazon). So if you buy them, you need to re-search from I checked these items of my list are in And also all comic is listed on the wikipedia. If you are interested in one of them, you may check wikipedia, before you buy.

There is a DVD cartoon of Nausicaa. But rather than that, you should see original book story. There are vol. 1~7 comics. DVD cartoon has only vol. 1~2 story.

Young princess story who lives with giant insects. Why giant insects were created. You will feel imagination is unlimited.

This story is still being written for weekly magazine in Japan. So you may need to continue to buy next vol.

Vagabond is about famous sword master Musashi Miyamoto story. Musashi Miyamoto is real historical person which was alive 300 years ago. This comic has original novel written by another Japanese. I think you like Samurai and Katana sword. so you will like it and know about real samurai spirits.

Same author with Vagabond. But this is a bit old. High school basket ball story.
This is beautiful picture, speed and fun and picture.

When I was a student, I read this. This story is very strange neighborhood who live in same apartment. Romantic comedy. Not serious. Just for fun!

This is very very famous and long seller comic in Japan. This comic was started from 1968. So it has over vol. 100 in Japan. But this is not one connected story. Each story fits into one vol. So you don’t need to buy all of them. You can read any vol.  Even I never finish to read all. When I go to Japan, I usually buy latest one. Story is a professional assassin for hire. The story background uses current world topic. So I recommend to buy latest one.

Ummm, It is difficult to recommend. I could not find so much. May be next time.


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